“Very good handouts, thorough training delivery, relaxed training environment, informal but thorough”  James S

“Relaxed environment, interactive (not a lecture)” Amber E

“Very good training delivery, clear explanations, knowledgeable tutor, booklet very helpful – well illustrated” Debbie H

“Fun, didn’t feel mechanical, felt rather relaxed” Christopher D

“Very good informative books, quite easy to understand; given out in plenty of time so we have an understanding in plenty of time” Sara G

“The trainer is an experienced personal licence holder who knew the course in detail” Callum P

“Very well organised and presented.  Information portrayed in a clear cohesive manner made interesting” Amy H

“I enjoyed being able to relate the course to real-life situations” Bridie J

“Highfield Manual was clear and informative.  Extra handouts were well put together” Richard H

“Excellent training delivery.  Kept everyone’s attention throughout” Paul H


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